A Labor of Love

Many of us have an overflowing wardrobe (and closet and dresser), but only a few treasured pieces. What are those most prized possessions and why are they important? Maybe it’s a sweater, gifted to you by your mother, that still retains her scent. Perhaps it’s a pearl necklace, given to you on your 16th birthday by your grandmother. Or maybe it’s a gold ring, passed on to you through the generations. It could even be a pussy hat your sweet aunt crocheted for you for the Women’s March.

A close friend and soon-to-be mother has a twin sister who is an avid knitter. She has knit her future niece dozens of jumpers, hats, onesies, diaper covers and booties.

She arranges each item on a tiny, neat hanger and gets back to her knitting.

The soon-to-be mother focuses on her pregnancy and preparing her home, herself and her partner for the arrival of their child. How special will it feel for her to slip a little, hand-knit jumper over her baby’s head? Will she feel the love of her sister each time? Someday will the baby, whose middle name is the aunt’s first, dress her own baby in the very same jumper?

These special treasures may or may not be objectively valuable, but they hold immeasurable worth in the heart of the giver and the reciever.

IMG_7226What would happen if we invested not only more money into high-quality garments, but also more love? Think about it. How many times have you bought an item you didn’t absolutely love, just to let it sit in your closet untouched?

If we exercise restraint and only buy items we truly need and lovewe could all have condensed and fulfilling wardrobes.

So next time you find yourself browsing a sale rack or scrolling through a website, ask yourself these two questions: do I need it and do I love it. If the answer is not “yes” to both of these questions, pass on the purchase. If you need it but don’t love it, you will eventually find an alternative that you do love.

Let’s fill our wardrobe with less stuff and more love.

-Una Voce Equa

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