Una Voce Equa

Welcome to Una Voce Equa!

Una Voce Equa means “a fair voice” in Italian. The name is a nod to our founder’s roots and time spent living abroad in Rome. Italians are known around the world for their chic style and quality craftsmanship, so it’s only natural that we gain inspiration from their heritage.

At Voce Equa, we care about great personal style. We hope to empower everyone to look and feel their very best. But we recognize that the current garment industry relies on the oppression of workers, the destruction of the environment and the endless consumption of goods.

The good news is there is a growing number of brands that are both aesthetically and ethically beautiful! We want to increase awareness of the issues as well as the many solutions.

And that is really where the name Voce Equa came from… A desire to vocalize the abuses of the garment industry and empower readers to take back their style!


-Una Voce Equa

By Emma Westfall

Founder of Una Voce Equa, a fair fashion blog.

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