You Care About Your Clothes… But Do You Care For Your Clothes?

Most of us care which clothes we wear. We care about how they fit, how much they cost, where they are from. We care about how they make us feel, what they say about us, how others react to them. We care about how they were made, what they are made of, to which event we wear them.

We care about what we wear because clothes are an outward expression of our inner selves. That’s why you may groan, “This is my favorite shirt!” when you spill coffee all over yourself on Mondays.

You care about what you wear because, well, you care about yourself. And that is a good thing!

IMG_8068.jpgSo we definitely care about what we wear, but do we care for what we wear?

Well, it depends on the kinds of clothing we own. Fast fashion is cheaply made because it is meant to satisfy us for the moment, not for the long-term. Who cares if the fabric is low-quality if I’m planning to shop for new looks every month? And, conversely, why make high-quality trendy clothing, when average consumers don’t want them?

The quality of the garment and our ability (or inability) to care for it properly determine if we care for our garments at all. 

Only decades ago, average Americans invested in smaller wardrobes of higher-quality garments. They took care of their clothing and, naturally, the clothes lasted longer.

If we equip ourselves with basic garment care knowledge, we can feel more empowered to choose a few high-quality garments over a pile of wispy tops and shrunken dresses.

So, here at Una Voce Equa, the first order of business is to bring the knowledge to the people! We are adding several new pages to help you navigate garment care and customization. Check out On The Mend for your basic garment care knowledge, including how to sew on buttons, mend small holes and get out a bunch of different stains. Over on Customize, learn how to trick out your current duds to better match your style.IMG_7281

You care about what you wear. It’s high time to show your threads some love.

-Una Voce Equa

© 2021 Emma Westfall

By Emma Westfall

Founder of Una Voce Equa, a fair fashion blog.

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