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Randolph Street Market Review

One way to curate a unique wardrobe while reducing your environmental footprint is to shop vintage. The Randolph Street Market, held once a month in Chicago’s Near West Side, consists of a patchwork of sellers catering to a wide range of sensibilities.

IMG_7875We popped over to the market on an unseasonably warm and sunny Saturday in February to have a look for ourselves. We were delighted to find booth after gorgeous booth of show-stopping vintage dresses, coats, lingerie and jewelry.

From silver star emblazoned suit separates to repurposed sherpa-lined Levi denim jackets, we were overwhelmed by the creativity of the vendors and their expertly curated collections.

We scooped up this 100% wool shell for $17 (we haggled the price down from $20) at The Randolph Street Market.

Sometimes, when people think, “Vintage shopping,” they think of sifting through racks at Goodwill or gawking at high-priced designer clothes at consignment shops (I’m looking at you, $300 Hermes scarf). But vintage shopping is not about choosing between hand-me-downs and designer garments.  If you know where to look, you can find well-priced, beautiful clothing that is made to last.

New and veteran vintage-shoppers alike can find amazing deals at The Randolph Street Market. The vendors do the heavy-lifting for you. All you need to do is check out the booths that appeal to your taste. Extra sustainability points if you bring your own shopping bag!

Also not to be missed is the gentleman selling freshly-made donuts in the parking lot. Two thumbs up.

© 2021 Emma Westfall

By Emma Westfall

Founder of Una Voce Equa, a fair fashion blog.

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