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Fair Trade Bracelets Made To Last


LILY and LAURA fair trade bracelets.

Folks often tell me they are intimidated by the mere thought of revamping their conventional wardrobe. But there is good news; embracing fair fashion does not mean overhauling your entire wardrobe in one day (rule number one is wear what you have)!

But as essential pieces in your wardrobe wear out beyond repair, take the opportunity to replace them with an ethical alternative!

Bracelet: Navy and Metallic Stripes

This advice comes from personal experience. I have been looking for the perfect ethical accessories! Cheap elastic bracelets with plastic beads have a fairly short life span. Elastic becomes brittle with age and wear. Paint chips off plastic beads.

How many times has your plastic bracelet stretched too far and exploded, sending tiny beads scattering across the floor in every direction, like rogue hockey pucks on an ice rink? It cannot just be me!

Bracelet: August Peridot

So I have been on a mission to replace old costume jewelry with long-lasting, ethical alternatives. While perusing one of my favorite shops, The Little Traveler, I spotted some beaded bracelets in the fair trade room. I purchased three LILY and LAURA bracelets and they immediately became my go-to accessories.

Bracelet: Maroon Merry-Go-Round

Women artisans in Nepal crochet colorful glass beads by hand to create these durable bracelets. I won a giveaway from the brand and received seven bracelets! The only downside to wining was narrowing down my selection of bracelets. Fortunately, the user-friendly website has drop-down options with easy-to-shop categories like season, color family and pattern.

Una Voce Equa post featured on LILY and LAURA Instagram.

At $12 a piece, these bracelets are a solid value. Simply consider the life of the product! Since the bracelet is crocheted, it is durable and less prone to stretching or breaking than a single elastic thread. And better yet, glass beads hold color far better than painted plastic beads.

Bracelet: True Love

Bracelets come in both matte and shiny finishes. Order bracelets directly through LILY and LAURA or inquire at your local boutique.

Finally, my costume jewelry has graduated from throw-away to keepsake.

© 2021 Emma Westfall

By Emma Westfall

Founder of Una Voce Equa, a fair fashion blog.

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