Custom Logo & Screen Print Tees

Before discovering the wonders of the slow fashion movement, I browsed the racks of mainstream clothing stores in overcrowded suburban shopping malls. I loaded my arms with as much product as I could carry and marched the whole pile to a dressing room. After a few minutes of wiggling, zipping and fastening, I chose my…

Easy Thrift Coat Alteration

As consumers buy cheap clothing more frequently, second-hand shops increasingly receive low-quality donations. The precious pool of high-quality thrift store garments dwindles daily. Rummaging through many thrift stores, I have found a few categories of clothing consistently yield high-quality garments. What is the category with the most high-quality garments, you ask? Coats! Coats are great…

Simple Embroidered Portrait

Recently, a close friend announced she was pregnant with her first child! Combining my drawing and sewing skills, I created a simple embroidered portrait of the family.

Heirloom Quilt

The quilt was literally spilling its insides out of holes like these.